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Our Community and Water Quality

Lake Macatawa has been a source of enjoyment for the greater Holland/Zeeland community for several decades. For so many who have lived, worked, and played on the lake, stories and memories will continue to be told. Yet Lake Macatawa is more than a destination for enjoyment with family and friends. It is a resource we as a community are entrusted to protect. It is a complex ecosystem of plant, animal, and fish life which is dependent on us for health and survival. It needs our help!

Currently, Lake Macatawa displays the adverse effect of a 175-square mile watershed which deposits phosphorus filled sediment into the lake during any notable rain event. Beyond this, personal practices and lifestyles of residents who live within the watershed have contributed to its condition. How we wash are cars, mow our grass, landscape our yards, clean our boats, dispose of bait, fill our gas tanks are some of the ways the clarity of our lake has been negatively impacted.

Project Clarity is an initiative of community members working together toward a healthier Lake Macatawa and Macatawa Watershed. It can be done! While there are many facets to this project, and key partners are moving forward with the plan, they cannot do it alone. Nor should they. We are all in this together and your help is needed. You can help create awareness by sharing the Project Clarity story with your family, friends, neighbors, church and community groups. You can commit to adopting BEST personal practices that will assist in restoration of our lake. You can donate financial resources over the next five years which will support project implementation for today as well as the endowment fund which will ensure sustainability for the future.

Explore Lake Macatawa

How can I help permanently clean and protect Lake Macatawa?

Each of us who call the greater Holland/Zeeland area home can have a direct impact on restoring Lake Macatawa today and sustaining it in the years to come. Following are several ways you can begin today to help affect change in our watershed which will ultimately create clean and viable water in our lake.

  • Use an appropriate amount of phosphate-free lawn fertilizer
  • Compost instead of disposing of lawn material in the lake
  • Keep your septic system in good working condition
  • When landscaping, use plants and stone to control any shoreline erosion
  • Wash your car in an area away from the lake using low phosphate product
  • Make sure your boat is washed and cleaned after each use
  • Avoid using toxic materials in your yard or near the lake
  • Maintain boating etiquette when driving, disposing of trash, filling your gas tank
  • Implement personal practices in your home to conserve water
  • Support those officials who support clean water initiative
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Explore Lake MacatawaHow can I help permanently clean and protect Lake Macatawa?

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